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APUS Browser Alternative Apps for Internet Browsing in Android

Making a perfect choice of your web browser is necessary. Each individual has a separate cause of choosing a particular website. Some might choose it for data compression, while some might wish to protect their data or block the ads. Whatever the purpose might be, choosing the best of all is essential. APUS was considered an efficient web browser but relying on one app is not something you should do. 

Considering the significance of the web browser apps suggesting you the best browser apps is really important. For hassle-free browsing you should definitely have a look at the apps mentioned below and choose the best of all.

Best APUS Browser Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to APUS Browser. If you know any other best APUS Browser alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Firefox Focus

This app allows you to browse anything you want without being worried about the threat of tracking. This browser app automatically blocks a wide range of trackers and establishes a completely private platform for browsing. Moreover, it even removes the browse history to save you from the trackers. All the unnecessary ads are also blocked by the app which further speeds up your browsing.

Download Firefox Focus

2. Opera Beta

Get faster access to your downloads and data with the Opera Beta. it has a free built-in VPN which secures your browsing and keeps your identity absolutely private and safe. It even provides you with the latest news and blocks the unwanted ads. All your information is saved so that it can automatically fill up the information. All your passwords and downloads are managed quite efficiently by the app. 

Download Opera Beta

3. Microsoft Edge

This is a compatible browsing app that will allow you to browse safely and have a complete control over your browsing process. You can even customize your browsing by applying different themes and layouts. You can browse anything you want as it strictly controls your privacy. You can enjoy browsing on this app as it provides rewards on search and even gives you suggestions while you search, saving much of your time. Thus for advanced browsing you can definitely refer to this app. 

Download Microsoft Edge

4. Firefox Browser

If you are searching for an incredibly fast web browser then Firefox is your ultimate option. You can get all your data just within seconds on this browsing app. None of your information could be tracked as it blocks more than 1000 trackers from gaining access to your information. While working on the web you tend to face a lot of obstructions. This app makes sure that you browse smoothly and removes all the unnecessary ads or hindrances while you browse. 

Download Firefox Browser


All these browsing apps have specific functions to perform and each of these apps will give you the fastest browsing experience. You will never have any complaints regarding these apps as they would carry out all the tasks smoothly and would even fulfill your purpose of downloading these browsing apps 

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