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Baidu Map Alternative Apps for Navigation in Android

Baidu app is one of the most-used apps for navigation.  For a better and accurate journey, you always require a map, since carrying a map is difficult you can have it on your mobile phones and travel anywhere easily. Even if you are new to a place there is nothing to worry as there are a lot of alternative apps of Baidu maps which will provide you with a comfortable journey. 

All these apps are specially designed for navigation purposes, however, apart from specific and common purpose, these apps have many other features which makes it more approachable. Some of the best alternatives of the Baidu maps are mentioned below. 

Best Baidu Map Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Baidu Map. If you know any other best Baidu Map alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Google Maps

Having an accurate map before you begin any journey is very important. The Google Maps provide an exact location to any of the places you visit. You can go anywhere you want in less time. Not only can you discover new streets or places but also local restaurants in your area. You can not only use it with a good internet connection but also use it offline and also share the routes with your friends and family. 

Download Google Maps

2. HERE WeGo

This app is specially designed for city navigation. You can find any of the places in your city effortlessly. When you are getting late the HereWeGo app will provide you the fastest and the shortest route to reach your destination. It provides a large number of options and a better guidance for an easy and effortless journey. No matter on which transport you are or even if you are walking, this app is always by your side to guide you towards your correct destination.

Download Here WeGo

3. Waze

You can save much of your time when you have the Waze app on your mobile phones. This app will give you any detail you want to know. You will get to know everything about your route even before you begin your journey be it the traffic information or the police trashes or road accidents. In case of any problems in your route it even provides you with the alternate route so that you can reach faster to your destination. 

Download Waze

4. Guru Maps

It is not necessary that you get a good internet connection everywhere you go in such cases having an offline map is necessary. This offline map app ensure that wherever you go you are confident about the routes and the different places. You can even record your trips and track your speed throughout the journey. The app also allows you to share your journey or routes with your friends and family. 

Download Guru Maps


All these apps are quite beneficial when it comes to travelling to a distant place. Now you do not have to worry even if you are new to a place as you will have a fine map just in your hands that will take you anywhere you want. Then what are you waiting for immediately install any of these apps and experience the best of journeys. 

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