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Cam Scanner Alternative Apps for scanning in Android

Scanning the documents nowadays have become essential in almost every sector. For any official work you are always asked to submit the scanned documents or files. However, is scanning such an easy task? Well, yes now it is with the different scanning apps in your mobile phone. Cam scanner is one such scanning app with its multiple uses. There are several other apps other than Cam Scanner that allow you to scan any document easily. 

All these alternative scanner apps perform several other functions and make the work quite simple for you. Since you have to scan important documents with these apps it is important that you choose the best of it. Thus, some of the best alternatives of Cam Scanner are listed below. 

Best Cam Scanner Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Cam Scanner. If you know any other best Cam Scanner alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Office Lens

It is considered as one of the best Scanner apps. You can scan anything you want with the help of this pocket scanner. Be it your whiteboard images, documents or your notes you can scan everything quite easily and save it in an organized manner in the app. It even allows you to share the documents with your colleagues. However, you can only share it via One Note and One Drive. You can even click a picture with the help of this app and keep it saved. Thus, all your documents will be absolutely in place and organized by this app. 

Download Office Lens

2. Text Fairy

This app works differently from other scanning apps as it is mainly based on scanning the texts. It converts the images to texts and you can also edit the extracted texts. You can even edit the text and use it in other apps. It even allows you to convert your scanned documents or files into the PDF formats. However, it is important to have a good quality image for scanning the texts so that the scanner can easily recognize the texts. This is quite useful and can recognize almost 50 different languages. 

Download Text Fairy

3. Adobe Scan

This is one of the powerful OCR apps that can easily convert any of your documents into the PDFs and also immediately recognizes your texts. You can convert your notes or documents or even your receipts into a Adobe PDF. The documents are scanned quite clearly and neatly such that your information is the one in focus. You can even edit your documents while scanning like resizing it or cropping the unnecessary backgrounds. However, you do not have to worry about the rescue of your content once it is converted to a PDF file as it allows you to reuse the content even after it has been turned into a PDF.

Download Adobe Scan

4. Photo Scan

You can scan any of your favorite pictures with the help of this app. You do not have to wait for hours in order to scan your pictures as it can be scanned just in seconds with the help of this app. It scans your captures step by step in an organized manner. You can even edit your pictures on this app. Moreover, editing your picture will also not acquire much of your time as most of the edits like cropping of the sides are done automatically. It even has a back-up option that keeps all your pictures secured and safe. 

Download Photo Scan


All these scanning apps will make all your tasks absolutely easy. Gone are the days when you had to visit the cyber to get your documents and files scanned. You now have the scanner in your pockets. You can scan anything you want anywhere just by a click. The scanned documents will be as clear as it has been scanned by a scanning machine. 

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