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CM Browser Alternative Apps for Web Browsing in Android

For an efficient web browsing, it is necessary to use the best browsing apps. When it comes to browsing for something essential you would always prefer the best of browsing apps. CM Browser is considered as one of the efficient apps, however, it is not the only app for the purpose. There are several alternative apps of CM Browser which you can use and get the best results in a short time. 

All these browsing apps offer different benefits. You cannot compare one app with the other as all of them have their own unique features which makes them different from other apps. Considering your choice to be for the best of everything, here are some of the best browsing apps that you can use instead of CM Browser. 

Best CM Browser Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to CM Browser. If you know any other best CM Browser alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Brave

When it comes to safe browsing then you can completely rely on this app. Brave will provide you the fastest and the safest browsing. You can browse anything you want on this app without being hassled by the advertisers or the popups. You do not have to make any changes for private browsing as this app will privately browse anything. You will not have to spend hours waiting for your page to download as it will immediately download the page as soon as you open it, providing the fastest browsing experience. You can even refer to your browsing history whenever you want as it is saved securely in the app.

Download Brave

2. Opera Mini

Surfing the internet now will be faster and much more comfortable with this app. It maintains the highest level of privacy and works quite efficiently even in the congested network connections. Moreover, it also takes care of your mobile data and tries to save as much data as possible. It is not necessary for you to be online while sharing any file as it also allows offline file sharing. You can even term it as a smart browser as it scans the downloadable files and automatically downloads it. You can even customize your browser by applying the layouts and themes of your choice. 

Download Opera Mini

3. Yandex

It is one of the stylish browsers with some of the outstanding features. It has an amazing voice search option that saves much of your time lost in typing. Moreover, the data compression features make sure that not much of your mobile data is utilized and you can browse for a long time uninterrupted. This app protects your personal data from being hacked and keeps it absolutely safe. it also provides you with the incognito mode which allows you to browse anything privately. None of your data will be saved and moreover there will not be any browsing history in this mode. 

Download Yandex

4. Google Chrome

This is one of the most used browsing apps and you will find this app in almost every mobile phone. This is one of the secure browser apps that provides the fastest service and makes sure that all your data is safe and secure. If you want to search for any of the previous browsers you can simply find it in the browsing history. In  case you want to keep your browsing private you can search anything in the incognito mode and keep all your browsing absolutely private. It even has a Google translate built-in which translates the entire browsing page into any language you would prefer. 

Download Google Chrome


Browsing forms an essential part of any kind of work you do. For proper information you need a proper browsing app which would allow smooth and comfortable browsing. All these apps are the best apps that will give you the best browsing experience. Once you download these apps you will definitely never face the weak network connections or the buffering problems.

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