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DU Battery Saver Alternative Apps for Battery Saving in Android

You might often have come across times when you need your mobile phones the most but just then your battery goes down and all your works are left behind pending. To avoid such situations having a battery saver app is very important. A lot of people use DU Battery Saver thinking it to be the best of battery-saving apps. However, this is not the case, there are many alternative apps that are more efficient in battery saving.

These apps have many unique features that will try to save your battery and extend your time of mobile usage. The following are the best alternative apps for the DU Battery Saver. 

Best DU Battery Saver Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to DU Battery Saver. If you know any other best DU Battery Saver alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Greenify 

You can keep your device smooth and efficient throughout the day with this app. Greenify makes sure that your battery lasts longer and work with the same speed as it works when fully charged. Any of the apps that use up more of your battery it usually puts those apps to hibernation so that much of battery is not wasted unnecessarily. This app OS designed as a lightweight app and does not acquire much of the phone’s battery. 

Download Greenify

2. Hibernator

You can now work on your mobile phone for a long time by closing alk the running apps in the background. This app ensures that not a bit of your battery is wasted unnecessarily. Thus it simply closes and stops all the apps that acquire more battery. By doing so the hibernator boosts up your mobile’s performance and also cools your phone down. It also frees much of your memory. Once your screen is turned off this app will automatically close all the apps in order to save the battery. 

Download Hibernator

3. Wakelock Detector

You must have noticed that even when you put your phone aside with a full charge. After sometime much of your battery has been drained. Well, this app will make sure to find out what is disturbing your mobile phone and consuming much of your mobile battery. It detects all the apps that are draining the battery and saves much of your battery. You can even get a wake lock statistics which keeps you aware of its functions and the amount of battery it has saved. 

Download Wakelock Detector

4. Battery Doctor

This app can save much of your battery just by a single tap. However, it does not have a single function to perform. There are various features in the app which performs several functions. You can have a track of your battery saved and used as it has a history of battery usage. It even alerts you when it is time to unplug your charger. All the junk and unwanted files are removed from your device to make it more efficient. 

Download Battery Doctor


All these battery saver apps are the real saviours as when you are out on work it is not possible to plug in a charger, thus these apps will make sure that your mobile phones work efficiently even without charging for a long time. Thus all your stress regarding the battery of your phone will be lost once you install any of these apps.

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