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Facebook Alternative Apps for Social Network in Android

One of the trending and widely used social media platforms, Facebook is loved and preferred by a lot of people. It is one of the oldest social media apps that people have known. However, like any other apps it has its pros and cons too. If you have any issues caused by the Facebook app then you can always go for its alternatives.

There are several alternatives to the Facebook app. Each of them has their own different features which you will definitely enjoy. To suggest some of the favourable alternatives you can look at this short list of alternative apps that will amaze you. 

Best Facebook Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Facebook. If you know any other best Facebook alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Swipe

This app is quite similar to Facebook. Your account is absolutely secured and safe from any kind of tracking in this app. It has the Chat Heads option which allows you to have endless conversations with your friends. You will not be stopped by any ads once you start swiping up the feeds on this app. The videos and pictures can be easily downloaded with the help of this app.

Download Swipe

2. Facebook Lite

You can connect to your far away friends easily with the help of the Facebook Lite app. It has several amazing features which will never disappoint you. You can share memes or pictures with your friends or even upload your favorite picture on it. Compliment your friends pictures and videos via comments and emojis. You can even follow new people and make new friends. It even keeps all your memories stored. 

Download Facebook Lite

3. Friendly

This is a highly encrypted app that blocks any type of advertisements and keeps your information absolutely private. You can even chat with your friends and download any of the videos you want as it even has the messenger included in it. You can even set a keyword and view the posts that you want. It is not heavy on your battery as well since it has the AMOLED mode which saves on much of your battery. You can completely customize your account with the beautiful themes present in the app. 

Download Friendly

4. Metal

It has some of the amazing features and saves much of your battery. You can access the messages and the other feed from anywhere you want. There are completely no-ads in this app thus you can use it without any obstructions. You will not be distracted by anything while scrolling your feed. It is a lighter version of Facebook and even has different modes like dark or different themes that make the app more suitable for you. 

Download Metal


Facebook alternatives can be a great help to you as sometimes you might lose your interest by using the same app again and again. Installing these alternatives will definitely open you up to new options and the various features will amaze you completely. 

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