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Helo Alternative Apps for Social Media Platform in Android

Helo was initially used for video making and sharing funny memes with your friends and family. It also had certain challenges in completing which you could earn money. However, one should always be open to numerous options when it comes to apps. Just like the Helo app, there are several apps that perform the same function and offer you a wide range of amazing features. 

All these apps are easy-to-use apps and do not require much effort. You can create your own videos and gain enormous likes and comments. Not only can you share your video but you can even upload any picture you want. Some of the best alternatives to this app are listed below. 

Best Helo Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Helo. If you know any other best Helo alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. VFly

This is considered as the best video editing app for your WhatsApp status. It not only provides outstanding videos but also offers you different videos with different themes. You can even edit your images on this app. You can cut your images and put it together to form a perfect video for your status. It offers a wide range of video templates which adds magical effects to your videos and pictures as well. You can share your videos on different platforms like WeChat, Whatsapp status and many more. 

Download VFly

2. ShareChat

This is one of the best social networking apps which allows the user to create and share videos with their friends and family. It has more than 10 languages and thus it is preferable by many. This app has a chat room feature which allows you to have conversations with strangers and make new friends. It offers a wide range of videos with different themes… Some of the videos are based on food lovers, nature lovers and some are meant to educate you as it contains the content of general knowledge and current affairs. You can even save and share these videos with your loved ones. 

Download ShareChat

3. Roposo

This app has much in common with the helo app. You can create and share outstanding and unique videos on the Roposo app. It can be used in many Indian languages. All sorts of videos are present on this app from humorous videos to videos based on love and affection which you can even share as your WhatsApp status. Not only does it have videos but also funny images and GIF stickers that will make your hearts laugh. The more creative videos and pictures you post on this app the more will be your likes and comments. With amazing content, you will have a large number of followers in no time. 

Download Roposo

4. Mitron

This app is a community of video creators. There are numerous short videos in this app which are shared with the friends. This app is specially designed for the people who wish to show their innovation and humour. These two things are clearly seen through their short videos. You can even edit your videos on the app with amazing filters and effects. Not only can you create videos but you can even meet new people on the app who love your content and the videos you put up. Thus, this app is used worldwide and brings together some of the best video makers. 

Download Mitron


All these apps will surely amaze you with their outstanding features and videos. The various videos that you create or share are liked by different people across the world. Who knows you might even gain a lot of fame because of the videos you create. Then, why miss out the chance? Download any of these apps and start creating unique videos and share it with your loved ones.  

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