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Kwai Alternative Apps for Video Editing in Android

Kwai apps are one of the most enjoyable and fun apps where you can perform different lip-syncs and create videos just through your mobile phones. You can create some amazing videos via the Kwai apps. However, you do not have to completely rely upon the kwai apps for creating amazing videos as there are a lot of alternative apps for kwai. All these apps will definitely increase your interest in creating the best of videos. 

You might search for the best apps on the play store in order to replace your kwai apps. There are several options for the different apps that would allow you to create such videos. In order to save your time from the continuous search for the apps, some of the best have been listed. 

Best Kwai Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Kwai. If you know any other best Kwai alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Viva Video 

This is one of the best video creator apps that work as efficiently as any kwai app does. It has some of the best tools that would allow you to edit your videos and create an outstanding video. You can trim, add or remove any part from your video. It also offers various themes for your videos like that of love, summer or birthdays. Moreover, it has a wide collection of music that you can add to your videos and also allows you to add music from your own library. You can professionally edit and create your videos with the help of this app. 

Download Viva Video

2. Kine Master 

This is an amazing alternative to the kwai apps as it can create the videos in unique ways. This app has everything you require for the editing of your videos. You can either add multiple images, videos and stickers in your video. It can also enhance the video by adjusting the colours in it. There are many beautiful effects that you can apply to your videos and completely change the video from a simple and boring video to an absolutely bright and interesting video. You can even add voice overs or music of your choice. Once you have prepared your video you can easily export it to your gallery and share it further with your friends. 

Download Kine Master

3. MV Master 

This is one of the best video-making apps that will turn your simple pictures into an interesting video of your pictures. It has some of the amazing features like collage layouts and video templates that add an amazing effect to your videos. It has a bundle of themes for every kind of picture in your gallery, ranging from holidays to birthdays to weddings. It even provides quotes and texts suitable for your pictures and offers dynamic beats to your videos which makes it more attractive. 

Download MV Master

4. Biugo 

This app works like magic on your videos. It has a massive video template collection that will completely amaze you. You can create fun and loving videos with different themes and effects and share them with your friends and family. It even allows you to add music to your videos that further enhances the beauty of the video. You can turn all your special moments into a magical one by creating a video of your special moments on this app. 

Download Biugo


The videos that you create using these alternative apps will make everyone go crazy on your videos. You can simply show off your creative videos to your friends and family and one they look at it they cannot have their eyes off it. All you need to do is download these apps and use them as per your suitability and surprise your loved ones by creating beautiful videos for them.

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