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Likee Alternative Apps for Video Creation & Sharing in Android

Sometimes your creativity can be seen in the small things you create. Even creating a short video would make the other person understand how creative you are. The Likee app is a well-known app that allows you to edit and share your videos. However, Likee is not just the only app that would allow you to show your creative skills and create amazing videos. There are many alternative apps of the Likee.

All these apps are different from one another, although all of them serve the same purpose however, each of them have a separate set of features. In order to provide you with best alternatives, a list of the best apps have been mentioned below. 

Best Likee Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Likee. If you know any other best Likee alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Zoomerang

This is one of the simplest video creator apps that will not only allow you to create unique videos but also offers more than 100 tutorials that would guide you in perfect video-making. All you need to do is follow these tutorials step by step and create a video. You can even share the videos directly from the app to any social media platform like Instagram, Whatsapp and many more. The various effects that it offers for your videos would make it more beautiful. All the videos you create on this app are quite eye-catchy.

Download Zoomerang

2. Lomotif

This app has a lot of astounding features that would allow you to make short music videos in just a few seconds. You can automatically transform the pictures in your gallery into a beautiful video. There are special effects as well that will enhance your videos even more. You can even add music to your videos quite easily and share the videos directly from the app to whatsapp, Instagram,snapchat or wherever you want. You do not have to worry about any kind of editing as the video making in this app is quite effortless and does not require much of your time and edit. 

Download Lomotif

3. Mago Video

You can become a video star by creating some of the best videos on this app. It has a wide range of video effects that will help you in giving a different theme to different videos. It has a lot of features like slow-mo, GIFs, free stickers and many more. You can even resize your videos and decorate it with a beautiful frame. There are no watermarks and you can even add free music to your videos to make it more professional. The best part is one your video is created you can export it in HD form to your gallery or share it with your friends and family. 

Download Mago Video

4. UniVideo

You can create unique and professional videos on this app as it has features different from the usual video making apps. You can add movie effects as well with the help of this app and create high definition videos with this app. The powerful editing tools of the app allows you to add magical effects to your video. You can even add stickers and texts to your videos to make it more attractive. 

Download UniVideo


All these apps will give you the best video-making experience. In each app you will find different features which will increase your interest in video making. You can easily create numerous short videos and show it off to your friends and family. Not only will they be amazed by your videos but also with the creativity in your videos. 

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