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Newsdog Alternative Apps for Latest News in Android

The significance of the news in today’s world is immense. The word NEWS itself signifies the four directions North, East, West and South. Thus the main aim of news is to give you the necessary information from all these directions. However, you cannot completely rely on the daily newspapers because it might happen that in a hurry you do not get time to read your newspaper. In order to keep you updated, there are a lot of different news apps and Newsdog is one such app.  However, it is not the only app that would provide you with various news.

There are many Newsdog alternative apps that are more efficient and would keep you updated about the important happening every hour. Since you are very keen and particular about everything that happens it is necessary to suggest to you the best alternatives so that you are not held back from attaining the daily news in any situation. 

Best Newsdog Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Newsdog. If you know any other best Newsdog alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Newspoint

Do not miss even a single news item in the entire day as Newspoint will provide it with all to you. The news is available in almost 14 Indian languages making it easier for everyone to read. You can get the news on your fingertips even before the newspapers inform you about it. It is updated every minute with the latest headlines, videos and live news. You can get this news about any niche to be it politics, sports, business or entertainment. You can even refer to this app for the local news of your city. You can easily search for the topic that interests you the most and gets complete information on it.

Download Newspoint

2. TOI- Times Of India Newspaper

You all must be well aware of this newspaper and prefer it over other newspapers. However, did you know that it also has an app to keep you updated every minute instead of making you wait for the next day’s newspaper. It is one of the most reliable apps and is used by almost a large number of people. The news is available in different languages and in case of the latest news it alerts you immediately and gives you a brief about all the news. It is not necessary for you to have a good internet connection as you can even read the news offline.

Download TOI

3. InShorts

A newspaper contains several news but do you wish to read all the news? Well, you might only be interested in the most important news. The InShorts will provide you with only a short summary of significant news. This will save much of your time and at the same time would provide you with the necessary knowledge about the world. You can even search for old news stories or any of your favorite news stories on this app. It has different categories of news which you can read daily. Although the information is limited, it is worthy.

Download InShorts

4. The Hindu

You can get an amazing digital experience and enrich yourself with the outstanding news stories provided by The Hindu app. It gives you the in-depth information about the news so that you do not miss on to the tiniest of details. It has some of the amazing features that would make reading the newspaper. It provides you all the comfort in news reading by reading out the news aloud to you.  Thus, be rest assured of getting the latest news on the Hindu app. 

Download The Hindu


Without obtaining the necessary news your life would be a complete blindfold. Depriving yourself of news is equal to depriving yourself of the important information. For your comfort all these news apps have been provided so that you can read your news anywhere you want. For an amazing reading experience you should definitely refer to these apps. 

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