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Parallel Space Alternative Apps for Cloning Apps in Android

Running two things simultaneously on the same device is quite an advantage for you as you can manage everything at one place. In other words you can run multiple instances on the same app at the same time. This is exactly what the Parallel space does, however, these functions can be performed smoothly and accurately by many other apps as well. You can use many alternative apps of parallel space in order to manage the multiple accounts in your device.

All these alternative apps have some of the outstanding features which are much better than the Parallel space. You can efficiently manage everything on one device with the help of this app and not even for once will you feel the necessity of having a different device for your work. Some of the best replacements of the Parallel space are mentioned below. 

Best Parallel Space Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Parallel Space. If you know any other best Parallel Space alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. DO Multiple Accounts

You can easily maintain the multiple accounts with this parallel app clone. You can login unlimited accounts for your Whatsapp, Facebook or Messenger with the help of this app. You can do a lot of things at the same time. Chat with your friends with different accounts or play games online with multiple accounts. This app will completely protect your cloned app. However, you do not have to worry about the data of the two apps being mixed together as it keeps the data of cloned and original apps completely separate. 

Download DO Multiple Accounts

2. Clone App

This is a free app which offers you a free private VPN. you can easily visit any of the sites you want to. It supports multiple accounts of Whatsapp at the same time and even offers some of the exciting and funny emoticons so that you can joyfully interact with your friends and family. It even has different modes like dark mode, gold mode, blue mode and many more. You can even customize the name and icon of the particular clone app in order to maintain your privacy. The best part is that there are no ads and you can work without any hurdles. 

Download Clone App

3. Island

This app ensures the highest level of privacy and tries to completely isolate the apps in order to maintain its privacy. All your data is kept absolutely safe with the help of the Island. It has some of the exciting features which are different from other cloning apps. It can freeze the app completely and stop all its background behavior. It even allows you to hide the apps. It offers you different VPNs for different sides so that all your information is kept safe and private.  It stops the unnecessary functioning of several apps and saves much of your battery. Thus you can run multiple accounts easily and at the same time make sure that your data is secured.  

Download Island

4. Dual Apps

You can run the same social or gaming apps simultaneously with the help of this app. It keeps all your accounts private and can even hide it in some instances so that the others cannot obtain any idea about it. You make two accounts professional as personal and work on them simultaneously without creating any problems or confusions. Even the information in both the accounts will be managed separately with the help of this app. It even ensures the smooth functioning of your device. 

Download Dual Apps


These apps help in maintaining a balance between your work and life. You can keep both of them completely separately and manage them equally. Thus having these cloning apps in your device saves much of your time and battery and also helps you manage everything smoothly without any hustles. 

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