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Shareit Alternative Apps for File Sharing in Android

Although there are a lot of apps that allow you to share videos and pictures each of them imposes limits on the number of pictures you need to share.  This process consumes a lot of time. Thus, the Share it app was introduced to share a large number of pictures at the same time. However, if you think that Share It is the only app that can do this then you are completely mistaken. There are many apps that can be used as an alternative to the Share it. 

Once you open the play store to search for the best alternative apps you will be completely in confusion as there are a lot of such apps to use. Thus for your convenience, the best of all the alternatives have been researched and listed below.  

Best Shareit Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Shareit. If you know any other best shareit alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Files Go 

You can share large files, apps or images via this app. However, for this app to function both the devices should have Files Go installed in order to send or receive the files. You do not require any internet connection for the sharing of files as it can be done even when you are offline. Apart from sharing the pictures and videos this app even keeps your file organized so that you can browse for it and easily find it. It even clears up your phone space and boosts up the performance of your device. This app is highly encrypted and all your files, images or anything you share are completely secured in this app. 

Download Files Go

2. Z Share 

This is one of the best alternatives to Share it, as you can share all your files easily and smoothly via this app. This is a free app and has some of the amazing features that will make your job of transferring files quick. You can share your audios, videos and large files in just a few minutes via this app. Once the connection is established between the two devices via WLAN network it transfers all the files at the fastest speed, even faster than the Share it app.

Download zShare

3. Send Anywhere

As the name of the app suggests this app allows you to transfer your files anywhere you want, however, it works in a different manner as compared to the Share it app. Unlike Share, it does not require a mutual connection rather it requires a six-digit number for an immediate transfer. You do not require any data connection and can even transfer your files offline. It does not alter any of your files while sharing it. Moreover, you can even send the files to more than one person at once which makes your tasks much easier. 

Download Send Anywhere

4. Zapya 

This is an efficient alternative of Share it and checks the entire files before sharing it. You can easily transfer your files across all the platforms. All you need for an easy-transfer is to scan the QR code and connect to the other device. It supports different languages which makes it preferable by all. It even allows for the backup of your files and transfers all your files from your old device to the new one. Most of its features are similar to the Share it. 

Download Zapya


All these apps have the same function as Share it, however, the features of each app make it efficient from the other. When it comes to replacing the Share it app then these apps are the best for that purpose. Once you start using these apps for file transfers you would realize how efficient they are and some of them are more efficient than the Share it as well. 

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