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Sweet Selfie Alternative Apps for selfie camera in Android

Selfies now have become a kind of trend for the youngsters. In almost every mobile phone you will get thousands of selfies with different poses. With this increasing selfie trends a lot of apps have been introduced specially designed for you to capture some of the amazing selfies. Sweet Selfie is one such app which has different effects and allows you to take amazing and unique selfies. However, every app has its alternatives which perform similar functions. 

These alternative apps of the Sweet selfie have some of the similar features as it and allow you to take glamorous selfies. If you wish to become a selfie expert then immediately install some of these best alternatives of the Sweet Selfie listed below. These apps will definitely be of great use for you. 

Best Sweet Selfie Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Sweet Selfie. If you know any other best Sweet Selfie alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Sweet Snap

This is one of the most used apps for capturing beautiful selfies as well as pictures. It has a bunch of unique filters and stickers that will make your picture even more adorable. You can capture any kind of picture on it be it funny, lovely or stylish. It has different effects that would provide you a broad option to click your images. The creative filters magnify your photos to an extremely different level. You might not find such clicks in any of your friend’s mobile phones as all your pictures will be absolutely unique if you click it with the Sweet Snap. 

Download Sweet Snap

2. Beauty Camera

You can edit as well as click your pictures in quite a professional way in the Beauty Camera. It has a collection of amazing tools that would edit your pictures in a natural way. Even the selfies you click would be absolutely adorable and natural-looking with the help of this app. You can get a clear and glowing skin with a wide range of beauty effects while you capture your picture. It allows you to add different kinds of stickers to your pictures and even create collages and photo grids of your alluring pictures and show it off to everyone. 

Download Beauty Camera

3. Camera 360

You can now add a theme to your picture with the themed stickers, filters and templates on this app. You can not only capture outstanding selfies and photos on this app but also edit your pictures in a professional way with different beauty effects and filters. The camera of this app itself has a built-in beauty mode such that any picture you click will ultimately be glamorous. You can even make your friends laugh by adding on funny filters to your face and enjoying the selfies to the most. This is a fun app to use specially for selfies due to its outstanding features. 

Download Camera 360

4. B612

This app is one of the widely used camera apps which puts an altogether different glamour to your picture. It has a bundle of filters all with different themes some might turn you into a cute animal while some will add accessories to your face. All the filters in this app are quite approachable. You will not be able to miss out on any of the filters without trying it out. You can even share your humorous and adorable selfies with your friends and family. Apart from the different filters it even has some of the amazing effects to make your selfies even more magnificent. 

Download B612


All these apps will definitely boost up your skills in selfies and photography. The amazing features that it has would definitely amaze you and also increase your zealousness to click more and more images through this app. So what are you waiting for, just download the app and enjoy clicking great selfies that would definitely make you a selfie queen.      

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