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Tiktok Alternative Apps for Short Videos Sharing in Android

Almost everyone today is a fan of the TikTok app as it allows you to make wonderful videos and has some amazing editing tools that make your videos absolutely stunning. However, many are unaware of the fact that TikTok is not the only one with such amazing features and video making facilities. There are many such apps that allow you to make outstanding videos and show off your acting and creativity skills.  

All you need to do is search for your own alternative. You might get many such alternative apps of TikTok that will allow you to create the videos and serve as a platform for you to upload such videos. However, to reduce your search time some of the best alternative apps of TikTok have been mentioned below. 

Best TikTok Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to TikTok. If you know any other best TikTok alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Roposo 

This is one of the amazing video-sharing apps that can be used on any of the devices be it iOS or Android devices. More than a million people are already a fan of this app. Moreover, everyone can use this app as it is available in 10 different Indian languages. You can create amazing videos and even share it with your friends on Whatsapp. You can add a lot of effects such as slow-motion effects, different kinds of filters and trending stickers. The more creative and unique will be your video the more views and likes it would gain and ultimately increase your fans on the app. 

Download Roposo

2. Mitron 

This is another free app for making short videos. This app has been designed especially for the innovators who want to create something different. You can capture any of your funny moments or enjoyable ones and upload it on the app with good music. There are a lot of people who are a part of this community and share some outstanding videos with their friends and even the world view it. You can not create videos but you can even make new friends via this app. All your special moments can become more special by creating their videos with amazing filters and stickers on this app. 

Download Mitron

3. Chingari 

You can create a bunch of videos on this app and share it with the people. Not only can you create videos on your own but also browse for some trending videos and follow the trend on the app. You will not only find entertaining videos on Chingari but also news videos, shayaris and many such videos with different themes. This app will make you shine as a creator, with different and unique contents. Once you start sharing such content on the platform you will gain thousands or even millions of fans in no time. 

Download Chingari

4. Dubsmash 

This is one of the oldest apps that was initially introduced as a video-making app. In this app, you can lip-sync on your favourite dialogues or songs and also create short entertaining videos. It has a wide collection of music and sounds from different movies which you can easily use in your video.  You can even create your dance videos or take up a dance challenge and fulfil it. Taking up the challenges would make your video more trending. You can even save your videos and share it with your friends. Create unique videos and get immense likes and followers.

Download Dubsmash


Although TikTok has become quite popular during these years, all these apps are as competitive and best as TikTok. Once you start creating videos on these apps there is no going back. Each of these apps has some of the amazing and unique features that make it different from the others.

All you need to do is create accounts on these apps and create amazing videos. It is not necessary that you can download these apps only if you want to make videos but you can also install it for exploring entertaining videos in your free time.

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