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UC News Alternative Apps for news in Android

When it comes to the daily news there is no compromise you want to be up-to-date about the everyday happenings in the world. Once you start reading the newspaper regularly it becomes a habit for you which you possibly cannot leave in any situation. It is necessary that along with the daily newspaper you read you should also have a news app on your mobile that would give you the latest news even faster than your newspaper. UC News is one of the well-known news apps however, there are many alternative apps UC News which are as useful as it. 

These alternative apps try to keep you informed about the smallest things that are happening everyday around the world. Since you prefer accurate and trustworthy news you would definitely not use any other news app. Thus to give you the best of all news the best of apps are offered to you below. You can make your choice from any of these apps. 

Best UC News Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to UC News. If you know any other best UC News alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Jio News

This is one of the most comfortable news apps that allows you to read all your news in your own language. There are no limitations on the language and everyone can use it. You can be absolutely updated with all the news via LIVE news videos, latest news videos or magazines. Jio News has all the ways to make you aware of the news every minute. It is not just limited to the news but also has magazines and blogs which gives you other necessary information. You can find every type of news in this news app. 

Download Jio News

2. DailyHunt News

This is one of the most important sources of news. It provides all types of news from the regional news to local news you will not be deprived of any kind of news. There are different news videos in different Indian languages. You can even create your profile on the daily hunt and share your thoughts on specific news and even share any news which you might not find on the app so that even others can know about it.  Share and like and comment on your favorite news. 

Download DailyHunt News

3. Way2News

This app will keep you updated 24*7 and it will let you know about the tiniest details specifically about the local news. You can get the information about your own district, state or village on this. All news types are covered by this app from entertainment to sports to health and fitness tips. It is not just limited to the news but also to motivational quotes, beauty tips, birthday wishes and many more. In order to be informed completely you should definitely install this app. 

Download Way2News

4. Inshorts

This news app will inform you about all the latest news quite precisely. it makes sure that you know what is necessary and thus summarizes every news for you. Reading short news will save time and would even enhance your interest in reading that news. You will get each and every news you want on this app. Do not be worried about missing onto any of the breaking news as you can get it all on this amazing news app.

Download Inshorts


All these alternative apps plays an important role in the giving you the information and does not deprive you even of the shortest news be it extremely significant news or just a simple news. They understand how important it is to keep you informed as you have the absolute right to every information as a responsible citizen.

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