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Virus Cleaner Alternative Apps for Mobile Security in Android

You must have often come across a time when your phone suddenly starts malfunctioning or it does not operate as fast as it used to earlier. Well then, your mobile phone is dysfunctioning because of the presence of some sort of virus in it. In order to save your device from such a virus attack you should have the virus cleaner apps in your mobile. There are many alternative apps similar to the Virus Cleaner.

Once you open your play store you might get different apps that offer to save your phone from any kind of harmful virus. However, you have to make a wise choice when it comes to saving your mobile phone. Thus, for your benefits some of the best apps have been mentioned below. 

Best Virus Cleaner Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Virus Cleaner. If you know any other best Virus Cleaner alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Lookout

You can keep your mobile protected and secure with this app. It will not only protect your mobile phone from virus but also would protect the identity of your mobile phones. It has some of the powerful features that will keep your data safe and secured. All your connections are safe and secure due to this app. It continuously scans all the apps and notifies you in case any of the apps might cause the virus attack on your mobile phone. You can even map your phone’s locations and set an alarm to it. This app will check  the entire functioning of your mobile phone. 

Download Lookout

2. Sophos

This app will save you against all the mobile threats and protects your Android absolutely free. It scans all the apps to keep a check on the erroneous content which might create a serious problem to your device. It not only checks the apps but also the web pages and links which might carry faulty content. Since securing your device is the main aim of the app it also advises on the security and privacy matters suggesting you the ways in which you can protect your device. 

Download Sophos

3. Phone Master

Cleaning your mobile phone is one of the most essential things that you must do. A lot of people tend to skip this process which further creates a problem in your device. To avoid such problems you should download this app and clear off all the junk files from your device which would not only enhance the functioning of the device but also guards it against viruses. It also boosts up the performance of your mobile phone and efficiently saves your battery as well as data. 

Download Phone Master

4. Safe Security

You can get all the features you need for protecting your device in this app. You can consider it as the all-in-one app which performs all the necessary tasks like junk cleaning, optimizing your background app, maintaining the memory of your phone and many more. All you need to do is click once and boost up the performance of your phone. You can even block the unwanted or spam calls with the help of this app. Moreover, it even saves your mobile phone from unwanted, useless notifications. 

Download Safe Security


Having an antivirus app is a must. You can protect your device from great damage just by installing an app. All these apps are quite easy-to-use and do not require too much checking or altering. Once you install these apps and fill up the required criteria, then you can leave everything on these apps. They will easily manage your device just with one tap. 

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