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VMate Alternative Apps for Video Editing in Android

Surprising your loved ones with an amazing video and witnessing a wide smile on their face is something you would definitely want. However, you have to create such videos in order to share it with them. Vmate is one of the most used video editors, however, the alternatives that it has are even more approachable. All the alternative video editors have some of the outstanding features that would definitely drop you jaws down. 

These video editor apps would allow you to edit your videos without much trouble and in an easy way. There are several alternatives of Vmate however, offering you the best of it is our responsibility. Thus, some of the best alternatives of Vmate are listed below. 

Best VMate Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to VMate. If you know any other best VMate alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Welike

This is one of the interesting video creator apps where you can enjoy some of the amazing videos on different themes and also create yours. The different features of this app would allow you to create humorous or interesting videos. It is available in 15 different languages and you can share some of the motivational videos, emotional Whatsapp status with your friends and family. You can even connect to new people who are a part of this We like community and make new friends. Create some of the unique videos and become popular on your social media. 

Download Welike

2. Vidmix

You can simply combine your audio and video together to create a unique video for your friends and family. You can add any of your favorite music to your videos. You can even trim the unnecessary parts from your videos and make them more interesting. It has some of the professional video editing tools that would turn your video into a professional and approachable one. There are various effects that you can add to your video making it more beautiful.

Download Vidmix

3. 4Fun

This app edits your video in a natural manner and does not alter the format or the content of the video keeping it absolutely original. You can trim, add texts and stickers to your videos with the help of this app. It even has some of the exciting filters and even allows you to add songs to your videos. Apart from the video editing it has several other exciting features. You can download any of the free videos which you like and share it with your friends. Since it supports 10 different languages you can watch the videos in your own language. 

Download 4Fun

4. MV Master

This is one of the most used video-making apps. Once you start editing your videos on the MV Master you will definitely enjoy them. There are some of the exciting templates and effects that intensify the content of your videos. You can even add music to your videos making it more professional. You can simply combine all your beautiful pictures together and add a few effects, filters and create an outstanding video with the help of this app. 

Download MV Master


You can capture the best moments of your life and turn them into a video that you would cherish for your lifetime. The different videos that you would create with these apps will have their own significance and meaning. It will carry the lovely and joyful moments of your life. Thus, whenever you see those videos you will live that moment all over again. 

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