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WeChat Alternative Apps for Messaging in Android

With the changing times, people have become more addicted to texting and prefer to use different texting apps for the purpose. Looking at the significance of texting several apps have been introduced which makes you texting quite fun and exciting. WeChat is one such app used by many for sending messages online. However, there are many advanced apps that can be used as alternatives to WeChat, they have several features that make some of them even better than WeChat. 

All these apps aim at providing you with smooth communication. Although they have a similar purpose as the WeChat their utilities are different. Thus to help you decide the best app for sending messages a list of the best apps for the purpose has been mentioned below. 

Best WeChat Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to WeChat. If you know any other best WeChat alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Whatsapp

 Whatsapp is one of the widely used and influential instant messaging applications used for this purpose. Unlike other social networking apps, Whatsapp only helps us to connect with people we already know or with whom we have shared our contact numbers. This makes it a restrictive technology.  It is user-friendly and is absolutely simple to use. With the availability of a suitable internet connection, one can easily share videos, audios and images within a fraction of a second. Contacting relatives or friends living far off has also become easier with the video call facility of the app. Furthermore, keeping in mind the safety and security of its users, the live tracking feature allows sharing one’s exact location with friends and family. 

Download Whatsapp

2. Viber

This is a free and secure messaging as well as calling app. You can easily connect to anyone you want with the help of this app. It provides a high-quality sound when it comes to the phone calls there is no hustle and bustle when you are on the call you can hear everything absolutely crystal clear. If you have a good internet connection then you can even make free international video calls and phone calls. You can even send the messages for free and have a smooth and easy group chat with your friends. Moreover, anything you do is absolutely kept private. 

Download Viber

3. Skype

Skype can connect you to different people worldwide. All your messages and calls are sent instantly no matter how far you are. You can even create group chats and share videos and pictures with your friends and family. It even has a bunch of emoticons that would let you express yourself. These emoticons will express what your words could not. You can even reply to your phone’s messages on your PC via Skype. Your communication can never be so simple as it would be with Skype. 

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4. Google Hangouts

It is one of the great communication platforms which would instantly do anything for you. You do not have to sit back and wait for your friend’s reply. There are several features attached to it which are different from the other messaging apps. It allows you to share your screen with others and you can talk to several people at once with the help of voice call and video call features. This app is highly recommended for the work collaborations or any other events which require a lot of people. You can message your contacts anytime you want even when they are not online. 

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Communication is one of the most essential things without which you can hardly connect to people or make friends. For better and huddle free communication these apps are the best as you can make use of different features of the apps and communicate in different ways to the people around you. If you are an absolute text addict then you should definitely download these apps.   

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