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Whatsapp Alternative Apps for texting in Android

Considered as one of the most used social media platforms, Whatsapp has its own benefits. There are several features of WhatsApp that draws the attention of many. However, due to its limited use and reach many people often think of using an alternative to WhatsApp. There are several alternatives of WhatsApp some have less specific features than WhatsApp, while the others have a specific purpose to fulfil.

All the alternatives are in their own way quite useful. These alternative texting apps have several benefits, but you have to be rest assured that you choose the correct app for texting. Thus, a list of perfect WhatsApp alternative apps has been mentioned below. 

Best Whatsapp Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Whatsapp. If you know any other best Whatsapp alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Telegram

It is a highly encrypted app and keeps all your information absolutely safe and secure. You can connect to almost 2,00,000 users via this app. Due to its cloud-based technology your messages will be sent faster than any other texting apps. You can even share large files on Telegram with your friends and family. The best part is it can work even when you have a weak internet connection and send your messages in no time to the other end. 

Download Telegram

2. Line

This is a free texting app that sends messages for free and also allows you to make free calls. You can connect to around 200 people at the same time via the video call feature of the Line app. You can enjoy great free calls service anywhere even the international calls are supported for free. You would require a strong internet connection for sending messages to your friends. It even allows you to share photos and videos and connects you to the celebrities. You can simply know about your favorite celebrities by friending them on Line. 

Download Line

3. Viber

This app has a few similar features to Whatsapp. That is , it uses your contact numbers to permit you for online chats. Once you become a user of Viber you can send messages, share images and videos for free. It will make your chats fun and interesting with amazing stickers. Your information is absolutely safe and secure with the Viber app and has a self-destruct timer feature which destroys your messages once you have read it. Soon, being an active user you will become a part of the viber community and would enjoy using the app. 

Download Viber

4. Snapchat

This is one of the most popular apps and has some of the outstanding features that would definitely drag your attention to it. You can even share stories with your friends for 24 hours. You can capture amazing selfies with the different filters of Snapchat and also create your own emojis on it. It has a special streak feature that you would definitely love. You can even make video calls and share photos and videos on snapchat. 

Download Snapchat


All these alternative apps of Whatsapp are as efficient as it. Some have amazing features that you would definitely prefer to have in your texting apps. The various features of each of these apps makes it unique and more approachable. If you are the one who prefers fun while texting and calling then these apps are the best for you. 

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