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Xender Alternative Apps for File Transferring in Android

Transferring your files, videos or other information is something which occupies much of your time. You often prefer apps that would easily transfer your files even without using the internet connection. Xender is one such app that is preferred by many however, there are many other apps similar to xender which can ensure simple transfer of files. These alternatives of the Xender apps are quite useful and do not consume much of your time. 

Considering the urgency or the necessity of sharing files in less time some of the best alternatives of Xender app is required which would make your task easier. However, how would you decide the best app for the purpose? Well, you don’t have to worry much about it as some of the best apps have already been shortlisted for you to install. 

Best Xender Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to Xender. If you know any other best Xender alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. Send Anywhere

This is one of the widely used file transferring apps as it transfers files easily without even changing the original format of your files. It will be sent as it is even without using your data or internet. You can create a link to your file and share it with various people at the same time. The files that you transfer can be transferred to a specific device. You can even put a limitation on your downloads and set an expiration date. Thus, with this app the file transfer will be completely within your control. 

Download Send Anywhere

2. Dropbox

You can find this app on almost all the devices. It is one of the fastest file sharing apps that can send almost 100GB data to the other users.  It is available for all the devices thus you will not face any problem while sharing the files. Moreover, it supports any of the file types and even offers you the backup option and stores all your photos and videos in the cloud storage. You can share large files and even scan your documents with your camera in PDF formats. You can even set passwords in order to protect your files from unauthorized access. 

Download Dropbox

3. Zapaya

This app allows you to transfer files without any Wifi or internet connection. Thus, you can send the files anytime and anywhere you want. It is a free file sharing app and supports almost 20 languages. It offers different ways to share the files easily and fast. You can either create a group and ask others to join it, or you can even create a QR code and allow others to scan it in order to transfer the can share a large number of files all at once. It even has a backup option that keeps all your files safe. 

Download Zapaya

4. Feem

The most important feature of this app is that it does not use the internet connection rather believes in sharing files via Wifi or hotspot. All the users should have the same Wifi router or hotspot source only then can it ensure easy transfer of files. You can even transfer your files from your phone to the computer or to another mobile phone. It offers you the smooth sharing of files without any obstructions. Thus you can easily share your files with your friends and family who have the similar wifi network. 

Download Feem


Sharing large files at once is the biggest challenge, but these apps have made it much easier. You do not have to give it a second thought as just with one click several files could be transferred to the other device. Thus, gone are the days when you would rely on USB transfers and emails for file sharing as these apps are much more approachable and versatile for your file sharing.  

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