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YouTube Alternative Apps for Videos in Android

One of the most used apps worldwide is Youtube. You will definitely find this app in each and every mobile phone. It is because of the purpose it serves. If we notice there is no specific purpose that youtube serves, however, you can find everything you want on youtube. But have you ever thought about the apps similar to Youtube? Well, that might have been something out of the box right. But you would be amazed to know that even Youtube has some alternative apps. 

These alternative apps of YouTube would serve the same purpose however you might find some of the different features in it. To make your choice for the alternatives apps the list has been made short and precise for you so that you have to choose only from the best of apps.

Best YouTube Alternative in 2020

You should use below apps which is similar to YouTube. If you know any other best YouTube alternative then let us know in the comment section.

1. OGYouTube

This is a free app that offers you a bunch of amazing videos. You can browse anything you want on this video-sharing platform and get the results immediately. It would open you up to several amazing videos which are similar to what you have searched for. You can even view the information about the videos. The best part is you can use any other app while the video still plays on it. Moreover, it allows unobstructed watching of videos by preventing any kind of ads. 

Download OGYouTube

2. YouTube Go

This app allows you to watch your videos at your own comfort. You can completely have a control upon the watching of your videos. It allows you to choose the MB you want to spend on watching a particular video. You do not require a strong internet connection for the working of this app as it can also function at low internet speeds. You can even share your videos without using the data. 

Download YouTube Go

3. iTube

You might often have faced the problem of not using other apps while you are listening to music on YouTube. Well your problem can now be solved with this iTube app. You can use other apps easily while listening to your favorite music on iTube. Moreover, it does not use much of your data to play the videos and sometimes it even works without the internet. You can also be saved from the unwanted ads as it does not present any ad before or during your videos. 

Download iTube

4. New Pipe

This is a free alternative app of YouTube which performs the same functions as the YouTube. You can watch high quality videos and browse any kind of video you want. It even offers you the complete information about your videos and also allows you to download your favorite videos directly to your device. Although it does not have the features similar to YouTube but some of its features are quite useful for the users and it can be a beneficial alternative to YouTube. 

Download New Pipe


YouTube has become one of the largest video-sharing platforms and replacing it might not be easy. However, all these apps have some of the unique features which makes it user-friendly as well as unique. If you are disturbed by any of the issues of YouTube you can definitely rely on these apps for browsing some of the interesting videos. 

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